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Blushing | Bringing Colour To Your JanuaryBlushing | Bringing Colour To Your January

So I will be honest and just say, January is my least favourite time of year.

I have always found it difficult to get back to reality after the holidays are over.  We all usually enter the new year with a smaller bank account and a larger waistline or just the remaining hangover from all the festivities.  The weather is typically cold and dull and there won’t be any sign of spring for another few months.  I guess that’s why January is often referred to as the “Monday of Months” or the “Hangover Month” which is quite accurate in my mind.  In all seriousness I just found out that today, the third Monday in January is actually called “Blue Monday”.

So I guess I’m not alone in feeling a little bluer than usual at this time of year.  Even getting back online here has been difficult.  But it’s the time to power through and regain some of the missing colour and cheerfulness that has been left behind with the holidays.


Blushing | Bringing Colour To Your January

5 Ways To Brighten Up Your January Mood


As someone who really likes my usual black and grey colour palette, this was huge!  I realized that a pop of colour doesn’t always have to be reserved for the warmer weather.  Throwing on this super fun, blushed-tone jacket was an instant uplift.  Plus this colour has been super popular lately, so I’m glad I made myself give it a go!  Shop the coat here – Free People Mena Jacket.


Having something to look forward to is definitely the best way to lift your spirits.  I’ve just booked a trip to Mexico for February and I couldn’t be more excited to escape the cold.  I find that a vacation at this time of year is the best ways to break up the winter months.  I also couldn’t help myself but order a few new swimsuits for the trip.  I am now looking forward to receiving them in the mail as well.


If going away on vacation isn’t necessarily an option, then planning a special event can be just as good, whether it’s a weekend away or simply a dinner night out.  Because I work away a lot, I find I always look forward to planning certain events with friends or family that I don’t get to see very often.  There’s also a new spa I’m planning to visit called the Kananaskis Nordic Spa that looks amazing!  The outdoor pools surrounded by “the alpine sanctuary” definitely looks like a great way to enjoy the January cold.  Hello girl’s trip!


It doesn’t matter if I’m headed on vacation or not,  getting some colour to my skin really helps to make myself feel a bit more lively.  The great thing about tanning now-a-days is that there are so many awesome tanning options other than just the beds (which I prefer to stay away from).  Most salons have great quality (organic) spray tans available.  I also love self-tanning, it’s cheaper and more convenient, but good products are key.  I’ve tried  Loving Tan and Balibody and they are both great brands!


I love trips to the salon to get my hair touched up.  I haven’t done anything too drastic with my hair over the last few years but getting a fresh cut or colour is enough to make myself feel completely new.  I am also gaining up the courage to do a major chop! Maybe that’s something I’ll do here sooner rather than later.

SO…this was just a few simple things I do to help boost my mood or add some excitement/colour to my January.  But what are some other things you can do?…what does colour mean to you?

Blushing | Bringing Colour To Your JanuaryBlushing | Bringing Colour To Your JanuaryBlushing | Bringing Colour To Your January

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