The Launch of Simply You Beauty

by simplytira

Welcome To Simply You

It’s here!!  I am officially launching my brand new cosmetic line, Simply You.

Six years ago, I created this platform shortly after graduating from my Fashion Design studies as a way to share my take on the fashion and beauty world.  I came up with the name Simply Tira because I wanted to focus on a minimalistic approach to style.  This was mainly influenced by my Scandinavian heritage and, honestly, my love for comfortable, easy attire.  I wanted to share that style doesn’t need to be complicated.  It just takes a few of the right staple pieces to truly make a difference.

I’ve now moved forward with this same ideal and placed it in the front of my new brand identity, Simply You.  My inspiration for creating a makeup line started several years ago when I began to search for products that reflected the look that I have been wanting to portray.  I found many foundations to be heavy, cakey or cause unwanted breakouts.  I knew I needed to start a brand that fit my, simplified beauty standard.

In my own personal experience, I stopped using a number of products in order to allow my skin to heal from reoccurring breakouts and inflammation.  My skin was a problem!  Now the one product I have found to be the most gentle and effective has been my new BB Cream.

The Simply You BB Cream and Lip Collections are formulated with tones that bring out everyone’s natural colouring while being kind to our skin and planet.

My goal with this brand is not only to bring you a simplified routine but to build a platform where YOU can feel a part of the process.  My intention is to build this relationship into the brand with engaging events and products you will love in your everyday routine.  This is a true passion of mine, and I can’t wait for you to try these incredible products!

Xoxo Tira

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