What I’ve Learned About Skincare | Featuring Alumier MD

by simplytira

What I’ve Learned About Skincare

Skincare! – I can’t even explain how much this has become a topic of mine.

For quite some time now I have realized the importance of the proper care of my skin.  But it took having some serious skin issues for me to realize what I had been doing wrong.  I have now been on a mission to keep my skin clear, healthy and glowing.  This new interest in quality skin care really started a few years ago, when I began to have my first issues with my skin.  Until then I had always been very lucky.  I rarely had a breakout to complain about.  I would wash off my makeup, apply a very BASIC moisturizer and be done…assuming that if I didn’t have any conditions such as acne, rosacea, etc, that meant my skin was happy.  Although, I really wish that was the case!

Unfortunately, the prolonged mistreatment caused my face to go from 0 to 100.  SERIOUSLY, MY SKIN GOT ANGRY!  I’m talking constant breakouts as well as rough, textured bumps.  My skin type also suddenly changed from oily to very dry.  I even began to notice some fine lines and creases which is a definite sign my skin was lacking proper care, leading to premature aging.

Obviously there are many factors that have significant effects on your skin,  such as: diet, water intake, hormones, age, etc.  I feel these are all very important to be aware of, but taking the time to have a quality, diligent skincare routine can be extremely helpful in combating most of these skin issues.

I am ultimately grateful I had this experience.   It motivated me to take a deeper look into how important it is to really understand my skin and to learn how to take care of it properly.

Why Do I Recommend Alumier MD?

I first came across Alumier at the local Calgary skin institute, Natology.  I honestly had little to no knowledge of the brand before I arrived for my first facial there.  But I was ready to try anything!

I had several consistent facials (using these products) over about three to four months, as well as following my new, at-home skincare routine both day and night.

My routine consisted of:

  • A cleanse with an “emulsifying” oil (very important to remove makeup without leaving an oily residue)
  • A gel cleanser to further purify my pores
  • A hyaluronic acid serum
  • A vitamin C serum (for daytime)
  • A 0.5% retinol serum (for nighttime)
  • A moisturizer
  • And lastly a sunscreen (very important especially when using active ingredients)

There are a lot of great brands out there but what made Alumier stand out over the others is that they are a medical grade skincare line.  This means that they offer stronger, active ingredients strategically formulated for your skin under the guidance of a professional who takes the time to know YOUR skin best.  They also focus on correction and prevention but safely with clean ingredients.  Unfortunately, that does mean they come at a higher cost but I strongly believe your skin is worth the investment.  Alumier also offers full skin care packages which does help to cut some of the cost.  I have been purchasing the Rejuvenating Skin Collection which includes my full routine listed above excluding the emulsifying oil.

In case you have more questions on this, check out The Medical Grade Difference.

I also have to add that Alumier has seriously thought about how they package and deliver each of these ingredients so you can get the most out of your products.  For example, they’re EverActive C&E™ + Peptide serum is unlike any other on the market.  As we all know, Vitamin C can oxidize in the bottle which eliminates its effect on the skin.  However, Alumier has created a unique delivery system that keeps the vitamin C powder separate in a unique cap that you only mix into the bottle when you are ready to use it.  This keeps the ingredients fresher for longer and at their highest effectiveness.

I really stand by this brand as they continue to be a staple in my everyday routine almost a full year later.  I believe they offer every product necessary for a balanced routine with mindful, healthy and effective ingredients.

SIDE NOTE!*** All Alumier products are available for purchase or delivery via @natologyskinclinic

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