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  • Summer is here and that means things are heating up.  But with the heat also means we are all layering ourselves in plenty of suntan oils, lotions, perfumes and hopefully getting lots of time in the water. So this typically means we have to set aside our precious jewelry pieces as certain materials can’t withstand all these different elements.  They will either discolour or tarnish.  So when I heard about Hey Harper Shop that sells stainless steel jewelry, I was very intrigued…

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  • Giving myself this last month off was exactly what I needed.  I have had some time to clear my head and to really focus on what is important.  Even though the world is far from normal, I feel like it’s possible to begin reconstructing some future plans. I am really wanting to revaluate where I am going with the Blog and would happily take suggestions of what you would like to see more of…

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    What To Wear To Calgary Stampede

    by simplytira

    If you’re not a local to Alberta, then let me introduce you to one of the biggest festivals in all of Canada.  Today is the first day of the Calgary Stampede where the majority of Calgarians will be joining in on many festivities over the next ten days.  With so much to see and do, its pretty essential to have some great outfits!  If you need some inspiration, I’ve put together a selection of seven complete looks that can be easily found at Calgary’s Chinook Center…

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