Adventure Calling

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Adventure Calling | What Changes Are Coming This Autumn?

Autumn . . .

The time for new beginnings!

I have always seen fall as the time of year for a fresh start.This can be in so many different aspects of your life, whether it’s a new job, a move to a new place or simply little changes like a new fitness regime or booking a vacation.

All I know is that when summer ends I begin to find myself getting restless and having that strong craving for a new adventure.

It’s not necessarily a restlessness from not being content with where I’m at, but rather an excitement for things that are unknown.  Of course, it’s great to feel comfortable and secure, but I also know that the only way to grow and achieve the goals I have set is by constantly moving forward and embracing change.

Adventure Calling | What Changes are coming this Autumn?

Adventure Calling | What Changes Are Coming This Autumn?

Adventure Calling | What Changes Are Coming This Autumn?


What New Adventure does this Autumn bring?

This fall is bringing several new and exciting things for me.  The first and most thrilling will be a move to a new city. For the last few years I have been calling the beautiful town of Canmore home.

However, my season there is now coming to an end.

Of course I am very sad to say goodbye to such an incredible place but I am even more excited for a new beginning.

Moving to a new place is something that I have done several times over the years and I know it will be a continuous journey for many more to come.

My goal is to love and feel inspired by where I live and so…I definitely do not see myself settling down just yet.

Another exciting change will be here on Simply Tira.  I have been working very hard on some new and interesting things that I cannot wait to share.  I have learned so much since the beginning and now I am ready to dive even deeper into this journey.



” Maybe it won’t work out. But maybe seeing if it does will be the best adventure ever. “


Adventure Calling | What Changes Are Coming This Autumn?

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