2018 Resolutions

by simplytira

Well the holidays are over and 2018 has officially begun!

I have found that the new year does not always have an easy beginning.  I recently saw a meme online that said January is the Monday of months and I was like SERIOUSLY YES!!!

There’s usually SO much that takes place over Christmas with friend/family get-togethers and holiday parties that it can be pretty hard to get back into reality.  So many people say the best way to start off the new year and to get over this lag is by setting New Year’s Resolutions for yourself. We all know the ones like…eat healthier, get fit, party less, etc.

For the last several years, I haven’t really bothered with the whole resolutions thing because it can be so hard to stick to and I absolutely hate starting off the year ALREADY disappointed.  But, I decided that I want to have a new direction this year that’s fresh and positive with new goals.

So I am giving it another go.

Over the last few days, I’ve had some time to think about my overall goals and what I really want to be serious about.  I decided that I was going to come up with a few resolutions for the year BUT only include the things that I feel are really important, completely doable and to try and go a little deeper than the typical stuff.

Continue below for a few of My New Year’s Resolutions!!

2018 Resolutions:


I have this at the top of my list because it is definitely one of my biggest priorities at the moment.  I have decided that I want my 20’s to be filled with all kinds of new places and experiences.  I’m so excited to start this year off with a trip to the Philippines but my goal is to also see a few other places this year.  If all goes as planned, I hope San Diego, California, parts of Europe and Australia will be up next.


I have officially come to the one-year mark since creating Simply Tira.  It’s seriously been a huge learning process but I’ve definitely enjoyed every moment.  I think my biggest goal for the blog this year is to really share more personal thoughts and experiences with everyone and hopefully that will also include all kinds of travel-inspired content.


Currently I have been living in Canmore with my sister for the last couple of years.  But since she will be getting married this summer, I am on the hunt for a new place.  I’m not too sure what this will mean, whether I’ll stay in Canmore or move to a completely new city.  I’ve started to research numerous places that are relatively close to home, but I’ve also been taking a look at what other places might interest me.  I’m really looking forward to this big life change and I can’t wait to see where I end up.


I find this is something that just gets harder as you get older as we can all get stuck in our routines and busy schedules.  I’m totally guilty for not always wanting to talk to or hang out with people I don’t know, just for the fact that it takes a lot more effort.  But I really hope to step out of my comfort zone a little more and to be open to creating new relationships.  With all my up-coming travel plans, this will definitely be a great opportunity.


Being healthy and getting fit is obviously the number one for resolutions.  But I’d really like to change it up a little.  I’ve decided to try and be healthier/fit through other activities rather than just going to the gym.  In other words – get off my ass and get outside.  One thing I do plan on doing this year is being a part of another Mud Hero 10k Marathon.


I’m really applying this one to TV or any type of social media.  I’ve found I’ve gotten a little addicted to always being on these things.  Trust me, I’m not saying I’ll be giving up my fav shows anytime soon, but I’d just like to be more aware of how much time is spent (meaning less binge watching) and more quality time with friends and family.


Growing up, I have always enjoyed doing anything creative.  That’s really what lead to my interest in fashion and ultimately going to school for Design.  This year I really want to make the effort to continue exploring my creative side in any way I can.  I seriously have had way too many art supplies that have just been packed away, not being used.  So after Christmas, I pulled out all my old paintbrushes and dusted off some canvases.  Now the real challenge will be to actually use them!


Typically I would say I’m not a big planner.  I’m okay with my days being pretty open, until it’s something that’s very important to me or that I’m very excited for.  That’s when I tend to over-think every detail and I start to have these big ideas of how everything is supposed to go, which obviously is an easy way to be let down, as I’m sure many can relate.  I hope to get a lot better at not setting such high expectations for things and being okay with the direction life goes.

So, there are a few of my goals for the year.  I really hope to stick to them and encourage all of you to make your own resolutions for a great 2018!

Happy New Year’s Everyone!

xoxo ST


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